Female Sexuality program

About this course

  • 10 week deep dive designed for pure pleasure.
  • Create a new sexual story, and achieve organic reclaimation, as you tap into your feminine power.
  • "A self exploration like no other" Holly L -UK

Social proof: testimonials

“ had a series of sessions with Serena at Love Thy Body project and I can’t recommend her enough. I wanted to explore my reactions and triggers in relationship situations so as to better and deepen them, and also continue the work with my relationship with myself. To work into a few childhood traumas that I felt lay unresolved and unhealed. This kind of work can be a little daunting, but Serena immediately put me at ease. I’ve never met her in real life but I felt as relaxed as with an old friend. She made the work feel safe and indeed fun so I always looked forward to the sessions, and the shifts were really quite profound. I feel more open and more at peace having worked with her. I would highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again in the future. ”

Julie J - United Kingdom

“ Ive just completed the female sexuality program with Serena and can highly recommend it.ive recently just got divorced and hit the menopause so my self worth.confidence and sexuality was at a all time low.Through this program i have learnt alot about myself and how past experiences can have had a great impact in who you are today.Through guided meditations ive learnt the value of self worth and looking at old limiting beliefs in a whole new way.By just feeling the sensation of just being in the moment and simply allowing myself to be open to this program, this has not only helped me but also my relationship too.Serena is so warm and friendly and is such a beautiful soul that she quickly puts you at ease and guides you through the program at your own pace.i honestly cant thank her enough and will definitely be doing more programs with her in the future.”

Trudi Jones

“"I love your playfulness and pace as a coach. I feel safe in the process and really love the questions you bring ”

Jhara F- Italy

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